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M&N Series of Motor gear

Product Description

In-line Foot-Mounted Driver Unit

M&N series motor reducer is developed according to the principle of an integrated box. The overall gearbox has the advantages of high rigidity, oil leakage resistance, low-noise level, and high gear strength. All bearings are supported by an integrated box, reducing other accessories, and providing a high-precision and small shaft tolerance through a specially processed output shaft. This design increases the service life of bearing and gear to further achieve high radial loads. Therefore, the wear and deformation caused by use are minimized, and the deceleration with low noise is achieved.


This series of reducers are also modular designs, with the advantages of simple installation and flexible application. The input side can be matched with various electric motors, servomotors, and frequency converters for drive control. The output side is also equipped with solid shafts, spline shafts, hollow shafts, and other different ways of matching.


Product Features:

  • Gears are made of high-quality cemented steel
  • High transfer rates
  • High radial load
  • Low-noise level
  • Long service life

Technical Parameters:

Rated torque:T2n = 82~18,000 Nm

Product Specification

Torque Table
M&N Series of Motor gear
Size Rated torque(Nm)
M00 82
M10 140
M17 200
M20 280
M27 450
M28 600
M37 820
M47 1,550
M57 3,000
M67 4,300
M77 8,000
M87 13,000
M97 18,000