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D series of motor gear

Product Description

Parallel drive unit

The D-series motor gear is a helical gearbox; the output direction is parallel to the motor. This special design structure can be flexibly matched with various installation methods. e.g. flange surface installation, foot installation, hollow shaft installation, or any possibility of combinations. Based on a modular design structure, different choices can be made at the output, using a solid shaft or output flange for connection. Combining with high transmission efficiency, high-strength gear, and body structure, service life, and reliability have been greatly improved.


The input can be matched with various electric motors, servomotors, and frequency converters for drive control. The output is also equipped with solid shafts, spline shafts, hollow shafts, and other different ways of matching.

Product Features:

  • Gears are made of high-quality cemented steel
  • High transfer rates
  • High radial load
  • Low-noise level
  • Long service life

Technical Parameters:

Rated torque:T2n = 200~18,000 Nm

Product Specification

Torque Table
D series of motor gear
Size Rated torque(Nm)
D17 200
D27 450
D28 600
D37 820
D47 1,550
D57 3,000
D67 4,300
D77 8,000
D87 13,000
D97 18,000