The Best Choice for Precision Applications: Rollix Slewing Bearing

Three advantages of Rollix precision slewing bearing: high precise quality, high load, high price-performance ratio.
Precisely rotating, comprehensively enhancing competitiveness!

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2.3 M OD Large Precision Slewing Bearing

The Slewing bearing replaces the traditional big thrust bearing with the external support structure. A single component provides the multiple advantages of high precision, high loading, and high structural rigidity

Delivery doesn’t affected by COVID-19.

Many Foreign manufacturers have shut down their production during the pandemic of COVID-19. The German manufacturer- Knödler took orders from clients in mid-March despite the pandemic. Owing to the urgency of the client's demand, the factory fully cooperated and completed production of the gearbox, and delivered it to the client on time.

Brand-new working environment to increase employee morale and overcome the epidemic crisis.

After several months of renovation, the quality of the environment has become higher and brighter.

KNÖDLER extruder gearbox was displayed at 2019 K-SHOW

Besides the application of the gearbox for injection machines on well-known brands that we listed in the previous article, the extruder gearbox is also used by our cooperative manufacturers, such as Battenfeld-Cincinnati and BBM that use FZ gearbox, and Esde and Gneuss that use CMG motor reducer.

The 2019 Global International Plastics Exhibition K-SHOW ended successfully.

Many well-known manufacturers participated in this exhibition, such as Krauss Maffei, Wittmann Battenfeld, Sumitomo Demag, Engel, Stor, and so on. The displayed machines are equipped with German KNÖDLER of FZ gearbox, CMG motor reducer, and ZS full motor drive gearbox

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